Selecting an Examiner

Persons looking for a competent examiner should request background information and credentials including a list of past clients and proof of graduation from accredited polygraph training. Seek examiners that maintain affiliation with State and National Polygraph organizations and verify their membership. Find out when the examiner last attended continuing education training. Most organizations have toll free numbers through which you may make inquiries so check with those organizations to verify current membership, completion of continuing education programs, etc.

Several examiners in California are certified by CAPE to conduct post conviction sex offender polygraph testing (PCSOT). Each such examiner has successfully completed a basic PCSOT training course approved by the American Polygraph Association (APA). Those examiners have also met the continuing education requirements set forth by the APA, and adopted by CAPE, for PCSOT testing A Certificate in Sex Offender Polygraph Examinations has been awarded to those members who have completed their basic PCSOT training. CAPE requires that PCSOT examiners satisfy continuing education requirements established by the Board of Directors of CAPE to maintain CAPE PCSOT certification.

Persons trying to locate examiners for Sex Offender Testing and guidelines adopted are urged to contact a member of the Board of Directors of CAPE for more information or to verify Certification. You may utilize the following email address for this purpose:

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