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Virtual Spring Training Seminar

Date: April 23 - 24, 2021

The CAPE Spring Training will be hosted online via Zoom


Because this seminar is being held virtually, we decided to lower the cost of member entry to $150.

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Friday April 23rd
0800 – 1200: DLST by Ben Blalock
1200 – 1300: Break
1300 – 1700: Question formulation for diagnostic exams by Scott Sudaisar
Saturday April 24th
0800 – 1000: Juvenile sex offender testing by Sabino Martinez
1000 – 1200: Back to basics by Sabino Martinez
1200 – 1300: Break
1300 – 1500: Correct Use of DLCs by Dale Austin
1500 – 1700: Business meeting


Benjamin Blalock: Mr. Blalock is a United States Army veteran and a former interrogation and counter-intelligence soldier, Special Agent, government employee and contractor in the intelligence field. He has extensive experience and specialized training in polygraph, interviewing, interrogation, and vulnerability assessment. Mr. Blalock holds both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees and has extensive investigative training. He has conducted and quality controlled countless polygraph examinations, interviews, interrogations and investigations for federal government, private and law enforcement agencies throughout the world, including the Middle East. He is a Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) Instructor and has administered countless PCSOT polygraph examinations. Mr. Blalock has authored and co-authored several polygraph-related articles and has traveled throughout the world as a much sought-after presenter on various polygraph topics. Not only is he a graduate of the world-renowned National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA), and a past Director of the International Academy of Polygraph, and the Academy of Polygraph Science (APS), but he is also the current Director of the PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center based in Cape Coral, Florida.

Mr. Blalock has been honored with lifetime memberships in numerous polygraph associations and societies for his contributions to the field of polygraph and has been the winner of several polygraph awards. He won the 2018 Holly S. Canty Memorial Award from the American Association of Police Polygraphists. This award was awarded for outstanding leadership and dedicated service to the AAPP. Mr. Blalock was also the winner of the 2017 John E. Reid award from the American Polygraph Association. This award is bestowed for distinguished achievements in polygraph research, teaching, or writing.

Scott Sudaisar: Mr. Sudaisar is an active police officer and also leads the Sudaisar Polygraph and Forensic Assessments, LLC (SPFA, LLC). With more than 23-years of experience as a police investigator, and 10-years of experience as a Polygraph Examiner, he has a distinguished record throughout the State of Oregon and in the Federal Court. Law Enforcement agencies, District Attorneys and private attorneys have routinely called upon him to investigate, and consult upon, some of the most complex, high profile, and politically sensitive cases in the state.

He is uniquely qualified for, and experienced in, conducting investigations such as Death Investigations; Aggravated Murders; Death Penalty cases; use of deadly and non-deadly force; in-custody deaths; Missing Persons; Child Abuse; Sex Crimes; Domestic Violence; Organized Crimes; Arson; Corporate Securities; Fraud; Embezzlement; Theft; analysis of organizational systems; Federal, State and County Correctional facilities; Public Official Inquiries; crime scene analysis; statement analysis; major case management and trial preparation; false confession, interview and interrogation strategies; Rules of Evidence and Brady Obligations. He is a Public Speaker and Instructor. He has been conducting Post-Conviction Sex Offender (PCSOT) and Post-Conviction Domestic Violence (PCDVT) polygraph testing since March 2020.

Sabino Martinez Jr: Mr. Martinez is the current president of the American Polygraph Association (APA). He served as an Instructor at the Texas Department of Public Safety Basic Polygraph Examiners School in Austin, Texas where he also served as a school coordinator at two previous schools. In November 2007, he conducted and instructed the first all-Spanish speaking polygraph school for 22 Mexican Federal Police Agents (Policia Federal) in Austin, Texas as a request from the Department of State. He also provided mentoring for the Iraq Ministry of Interior and their newly trained government examiners as part of Operation Enduring Iraqi Freedom and examiners for the Ministry of Defense in Operation New Dawn under a Department of Defense contract.

He is recognized by the American Association of Police Polygraphists for bring closure to an unsolved murder form Kingsfisher, Oklahoma. Duties have also included working in conjunction with San Antonio police officers during investigations; services offered include polygraph exams and investigation assistance. He has over 4000 polygraph exams logged and conducts polygraph tests in both Spanish and English.

Dale E. Austin, MS: Mr. Austin began his polygraph career in 1980 as a city police examiner in New England. He conducted thousands of public safety applicant and criminal investigation exams. He was routinely called upon to test for over a dozen police agencies and multiple defense attorneys. In 2000, he began his US Government service as a polygraph examiner, instructor, quality control officer, and deputy site manager. He retired in 2019 after 20 years of Federal service. His final assignment was as the Polygraph Training Lead for US Customs & Border Protection’s (CBP) 100 polygraph examiners. Prior to CBP, he was as a charter member of the Threat Analysis and Strategic Support Branch of the National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA), the education, research, and oversight facility for all US Government credibility assessment technologies. Mr. Austin was assigned to NCCA for 8 years. He has provided basic instruction to complex training techniques to more than one thousand polygraph examiners around the globe.

He is a member of the American Polygraph Association, the American Association of Police Polygraphists (and a recipient of their William J. Taylor Life Membership Award) and the Indiana Polygraph Association. He has authored numerous polygraph continuing education and in-service training programs and is a frequent guest instructor at APA, AAPP, regional polygraph associations, and major metropolitan police departments.


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